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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Making Jam

LOVE Spooner Farms Strawberries! This is about 1/3 of how many strawberries I got today! Two freezer bags in the freezer, jam to sell, jam for us and a BUNCH of strawberries to make sticky, red faced children!
Here's my little helper... we having matching aprons (thanks mom!).
Here we are sterilizing our used baby food jars and lids. Let me tell ya, the house smelled INCREDIBLE!Here's what we'll sell at the road side stand tomorrow along with some daisy flower boquets that Elle picked today. YUMMY! I had a peanut butter and jam sandwhich tonight....mmmmm mmm mmmmm...!
Here's the little rascels getting into the big pot of strawberries in the fridge! =)

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