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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jen's Farm

WOW! Her garden is incredible. I was laughing so hard inside when I offered to help with a project and she stated she'd love help with getting the garden in shape. I think I recall her even apologizing for how "bad" it was... HA! She's coming my way next week... then she'll see a garden with weeds! Her's was PERFECT! She does have a husband who is home full time to help with it all though, and no baby to look after, but still.... it was comical... I wish I had taken a better photo really showing how weed free hers was and then I could have posted it next to one of my garden and then we all could have had a good laugh! =) I have since spent about 8 hours weeding in my garden... but it will still be an embarrassment. =)
Here's one of her son's climbing in the barn. Here's Christian in the grass (obviously) but it makes me think of a funny realization... I put shoes on Christian for the FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE (no exageration) about a week ago (so he's eleven months old) and he just looked at them, then at me, then back at them... fussed a bit and then tried to walk... HA! It was like frankenstine in quick sand! It was like he didn't want to step on them...but they were on his feet! He wouldn't have it... about about 3 steps he just sat down and started ripping them off! It reminded me of a story I hear about a little boy who was 18 months (so 9 months OLDER than C) and felt GRASS on his feet for the FIRST time and walked in the same mannor! I can't even imagine...not having my kid walk barefoot until 18 months old... but hey, I am sure many can't imagine an 11 month old who has never had shoes on his feet! =)

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