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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We got a Ukulele!!!

I love the sound a ukulele makes and it is small enough the kids could learn when they are young. I am not musical AT ALL but this only has four strings and I am just following the kids lesson book and learning songs... it'll be a fun addition to any future "hoe-down" we have back at the farm! =) Michael was really itching for a musical instrument (he is REAL musical) so this was the solution.

It makes Elle a little crazy...

maybe a LOT crazy...

With Christian's crooked teeth and under bite, red hair and wide duck feet we have always invisioned him stomping in the barn barefoot with that goofy smile and a banjo on his knee (no offense to any banjo players out there, but for some reason that was just the instrument that seemed to fit his unique appearance and personality), so maybe this ukulele will be a good start for him.

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