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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Elle and her box violin

Elle started taking violin lessons about a month ago. She is doing the Suzuki Method that has her start with a "box violin" (made from a ruler and a klenex box). This post is really for family to see her first concert... be ready for a bit of motion sickness! I was having to hold and watch squirmy wormy Christian (the one year old) at the same time I was video taping... =)
Notice her "shoes" I couldn't find her dress shoes that fit and so she just wore black ballet slippers- whatever works! =)

The other video I was downloading here stopped working... I will try again tomorrow... it was the cutest. =)

Her teacher is great and Elle really enjoys going to her home for lessons... partly too because she has cats and Elle LOVES to see the cats. The first thing she asked when we got the concert this afternoon (which was held at a local church) was "Where are her cats? Are they coming?" =)

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