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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Soldering Relationships

Living here in the city, in a condo, doesn't warrent the same types of projects that were a steady stream back home. It is a total disadvantage to the kids to not have wood to haul, stack and gather. To not be able to help build things, to not have REAL chores to help with... I feel so sorry for kids rasied in apartments and condos.... anyway... we have tried to make the most of it, and here is a little project Michael brought home from work as "home work" and asked Elle for her help.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a 4 year old with a soldering gun... And look at how careful she uses it and is so safe, because her mom and dad teach her to do dangerous things SAFELY. =)

This project meant the world to Elle. (As does any project where she gets to do that is new and a little "outside the box".)  
Her and Michael worked at this for about an hour. It started with stripping the wires. I was in the shower and Elle came running in screaching that "dada taught me to strip a wire all by myself! And I did it!" She was so excited, she just couldn't wait for me to get out to tell me. They measured the wires, stripped them, wrapped them and soldered them, sealed them and taped them. Elle was so attentative the whole time- soaking up this valuable time with her daddy.

How boreing this would have been for Michael to do all by himself... and how fun it was to see through Elle's eyes as she learned about it all and gained confidence in doing something a little "scarey" that required great care.

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  1. Being a former electrician, this "project" almost brought tears to my eyes. How exciting for Elle! And what a great bonding time! You guys are awesome!!