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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Barn Project

Here is the "before picture" (this actually was part way in... we had already demoed the stalls) you'll have to wait for months for the after...but I will try and document the progress on repairing our barn.

We leveled the floor with bagged concrete. The bid to have someone pour a new slab over our horribly cracked one was $1700... so we did it on our own for $80 and about 2 hours of our time.

There's Michael loading the concrete hopper... this is one of the things we traded for the sawmill work I showed in a previous post.

This is when it was still wet. It actually turned out really well. We didn't want it to be perfectly smooth or look too "new" because then it was stick out from the old floor.

This is one of the same beams we have in the new house- that Michael got out of the old Dairygold Factory. I love that the barn will be "tied in" with the new house, by similar materials... those windows are left over windows from our house project too. The contractor, my dad, Michael and I did a lot to the place while we were home. The electrical goes in in a couple weeks... I am having an outlet put in for a kiln! Yey! Among other things, I'll have a great set up for doing pottery.  

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  1. Oh my gosh!! The barn looks great!! I'm glad to hear that you were able to fix the foundation yourselves. And an area for pottery.... ugh! JEALOUS! We'll have to take turns having each other over for different projects.... lol!