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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A New Quilt for Christian

Christian's Quilt is done! Elle learned how to iron and ran the foot pedal on this one. It was a fun project to do down here in Miami and a really good lesson in learning to "stop" and "go" on my command! She took running the foot pedal very seriously and did such a good job staying focused and listening. Oddly enough it's a flannel quilt like Elle's, it'll be perfect when we go home! (Flannel is always good to buy in the summer... often on sale.) This is my favorite type of quilt to do as I am not a perfectionist and not even close to perfect in my sewing (or any other area for that matter). I cut the batting into rectangles (I used a book that looked about the size I was looking for and made my templete from traceing that) and then cut the fabic into random shapes/sizes, lined them out on the batting peice (Elle helped with this too) folded the frayed edges under and ironed them to make them stay and then stitched them onto the batting. Then when all the squares were done, I sewed them together in rows (This quilt is 6 rows accross, 7 down) and then sewed the rows together. I used the bottom sheet from the set I used for Elle's quilt. (Useing sheets for material is way cheaper than buying by the yard for backing) I cut off the elastic part and the diagonal stiching at the corners and it was perfect!
They'll be cozy kids this winter!

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