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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The "tomboy's" daughter loves pink!

I was a tomboy when I was young. I still am not real "girlie". We are down here in Miami and my poor kids don't see anyone but me. We have no "princess" movies, don't watch TV and here is my little Elle totally obsessed with pink! HA! I just think it is so funny how people are totally born their own little selves. Anyway, we are preparing for a few LONG road trips in the next 6 weeks. (Wisconson again, Virginia and back home!) So I wanted to make a cushion for Elle's carseat. The old thin pad was thrown away on a previous road trip when it was soiled beyond repair (you don't want to know). So in talking with Elle about making her a new one, she asked for it to be pink. So we went to JoAnn Fabric and Elle picked out some fabric.
Here is the before...

Here's the after. She LOVES it!

SOO much more comfortable now! A nice thick 2" pad on the bottom. I made the fabric like a pillow case so it can be taken off and washed easily. Cost about $13 (the foam was 50% off) and it's like a new carseat to Elle. She is so excited about it.

1 comment:

  1. Any chance your travels will take you through SC?? I still really hope we'll get to see you guys while you're on this side of the country! :)
    And the carseat cover looks FANTASTIC! You should write a tutorial about how to add the foam and all that!