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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Final Before and After...

I FINALLY got my computer fixed! I no longer have to hold the top corner "just so" to keep the screen from turning all white. Now if I could just have consistent internet connection, it'd be ideal... nonetheless... here is the latest...

Okay, so remember this... this was the barn at not even a truly "before" as much had been cleared out, and the demo of the stalls and ladder had begun...

Here was pouring the concrete to level out the floor a bit.

And now for the "After".... I have to say, I just love it! I was happy to live in a dirt floor hut rather than Miami, so this is just a dream! =)

Here's my kitchen...

Love the sink... I had looked forever for old cast iron ones but found the same look for WAY cheaper at Ikea... new...

This photo is kinda dark, but it is from the front door... looks up to the main loft..

Living room. Behind the quilt is the kid's sleeping loft. (I am still needing to make wooden ladders... so excuse the ugly ones) - more on this wood stove later... it's a dream...

Here's down from the kid's loft

Across to our loft.

And the view out my living room window.
It is cozy and only around 600 sq ft, but for just the kids and I it is perfect for us to temporarily stay and will be an awesome space when we're done for work shops, selling goods and a place for guests to stay and kids to play...
I am glad we decided to put our money/energy into our place, rather than spend it on rent somewhere else... We'll see if I feel the same this winter... but for now, I am perfectly content here.  =)


  1. Totally beautiful, Sara! I am so impressed! You have done an amazing job making such a cozy home.

  2. You are so amazing, Sara! Your home is lovely and you are so gifted! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. Sara it looks amazing! Hard to imagine it was a barn not that long ago.