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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September projects

Okay... so for those of you who are interested.... The September project dates are as follows:

Blackberry Jam... THIS weekend... (Sorry late notice, but I HAVE to get these berries out of my freezer!) So Saturday (the 10th) I will be making them in to jam with anyone who wants to join in. If you want to take some home, then bring some sugar, pectin, blackberries and a jar... or $5 and you can have a jar of mine.

I am going to do the ice cream and butter on the same day... Next Thursday afternoon the 15th. If you want to take any of that home, bring some raw jersey cow milk. (you can buy it at the co-op in Olympia for about $10/gallon) Or you can just watch the process. If you want to make butter with cream and don't want the higher cost of the raw milk- you can bring whatever cream you want to use and do that..That is done in smaller ammounts so I won't have to mix it with mine. I haven't made the ice cream with this maker before so I am not totally sure how it will work out (amount wise) so it may be able to be done in separate batches, but maybe not. Either way- chip in $10 or so (this stuff is more expensive!) and you can take some home.

The Amish noodles...Tuesday the 20th is when I plan to do those. I may think up something else to do in there too because there is some dry time in there... or maybe that's when kids can just play or something... If you want some of these bring cage free/free range organic eggs and gallon size ziplock bags. These take a TON of eggs! Or you can take a gallon ziplock bag home for $3.

This should be fun! So far I have about 6 people interested. Let me know who can come based on these dates and if you think you will be wanting to take anything home (so I know how much stuff to get/prepare for). I just really missed doing things with people while I was in Miami and it really taught me the value and importance of getting together with people to learn/grow and enjoy one another while doing worth while things. So... I am just trying to provide opportunities to do just that. I am not proclaiming to be any sort of expert at these things. Some of them I have never done, some I have only done once or so. The process may or may not work out perfectly, but the idea is just enjoying it all regardless. I am not going to be stressing and doing a lot of prep into any of this. It will just be relaxed and casual. Kids are welcome. (YOU are responsible for them! Our place is NOT 100% child proof by any means- you can inquire further if you have questions.)

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