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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Homemade Holiday Projects

Elle and I strung cranberries on thread. I had intended on stringing them onto our Christmas tree, but then realized that they needed to be kept cold to last.... so we hung them outside on the trees that we hung our pinecone bird feeders on (roll them in peanut butter and then in bird seed and hang them up).

I used tapestry needles that are pretty blunt so Elle didn't keep poking herself. Even Christian helped a little. Good eye hand coordination training for them for sure! =) Elle's all ready to work on stringing popcorn on our road trip to California.

My entire house is now glistening with glitter! (It is seriously EVERYWHERE!) We took pinecones, put glue on them and rolled them in glitter. When dry, I will string them and we'll hang them on our Christmas tree. (I have been known to have what is often refered to as a "Charlie Brown tree".) =) Kids love anything that sparkels...and is messy... so of course this was a big hit.

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