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Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's been a long time...

I have greatly neglected this blog in the last couple months! I have found it difficult to find moments of "clear" thought or sanity with all that has been going on with two of the most energetic kids I know (both mine) under foot! Not to mention I am rediculously unorganized (nothing new there) and my camera memory card has been full for far too long before I finally took it to be put on CD before delelting them all... and I figure the main thing anyone looks at this thing for is photo's! =) So finally I will catch you up on some of our happenings around here.

Little man LOVES bike riding! (Although he doesn't do much but sit on it or push it around... he's slowly figureing out the pedals..)

We emphasize wearing a helmet... ;)

I just had to throw this in because it is so stink'n cute! I love Christian's hair in this one! We took all the blankets and pillows and matress in from the swing bed and were jumping off the ladder onto it. They loved it.

Grape juice from our grape arbor. It is a bit tart for me, but the kids like it.

Here are the fixen's for homemade ice cream! It was a custard we did... SOOOOO Delicious! Sincerely THE best ice cream I have ever had- and that says a lot!

Here's papa (my dad) helping Christian crank the ice cream maker.

Elle is counting the yoks for making noodles.

Here's the noodles hardening on window screens, after a couple days they were ready to be bagged up and we are still using them months later for speghetti and soups.

Elle and Oliver "helping" rake leaves! =)

We got cows! They are a highland/angus cross. These pictures don't do justice- it had just been dumping rain so their fluffy hair is flattened. In real life they look like big teddy bears!

They are sweet cows and it is so nice to have animals on the farm again.
So.. there you have it! We have also been building a new chicken house next to the shelter we just built for the cows- I will put photo's up when done. Nothing fancy AT ALL! (In fact it has recieved a lot of laughs from my dad!) We have been loving living in the barn. The rain on the roof is remarkable! It is the coziest place and Michael says that aside from our new house we finished 2 years ago (that is currently rented) it is his favorite "house" we've lived in (we have lived in 4 others). It is small and was a little adjustment not having a dishwasher, microwave or washer and dryer and bucketing out bath water and dish water, but it is fun and it is simple. The wood stove is keeping us cozy warm and did I mention how cool the rain is on the metal roof?!

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