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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Elle!

I can't believe I have a 3 year old!! What a fun year of changes for this little one! She got a new house, a new brother, a new van, learned words like "otherwise" and "actually". She can count to 14 without error and with a couple of flubbs all the way up to 30! She's got her ABC's down, although there are times when T-U-V are not included... She has learned her colors and has enjoyed lableing things with her sticker letters. Christian has a C on his walker, Michael has an M on his work boot, I often have S's on my jeans and even the dog endures the hair pulling privledge of having an O on his 'coat'. Her manipulation and debate skills improve daily keeping me on my toes. She is one smart cookie! She learned to swim (with a life jacket on), learned to ride a bike with training wheels and loved climbing ladders at our construction site. She is one active little girl! Her birthday chicks arrive after the weekend, she is so excited!
Happy birthday my little firefly!

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  1. ahha!!! That was so cute!!! She seem's like a little girl I would love to meet someday ;)!!!! The cake looks yummy too!! She is very cute!
    side note :) I love that you have a van!! I think I told you that! Yesterday I laughed so hard because one of my "Senior" students at school said to me " I saw you driving around in your studpid van" hahahhah! It's funny when you are so old that a comment like that makes you laugh and not cry! ahhah! he said he mostly thinks its stupid because it has a Seattle Seahawk sticker on the back! ahah! Thought you would like that story! ;)