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Monday, February 1, 2010

"Why isn't Michael in the band?"

We get asked that question a lot. (Michael's 4 brothers are in a band...see their video on this blog under 'fun times' or at shoemakerbrothers.com) So I thought I would share a little story to answer the question publicly... =)
We have many "dance parties" in our home. We crank the music up and Elle and I in particular love to just let it all out singing and dancing (not sure if I can even really call it dancing... I feel a twinge of guilt that I am decieving you.... picture running, flailing and jumping rather than coordinated and rythmical...)... So Saturday we were having one of our "dance parties" and Michael came in and started singing- just BELTING it all out and Elle started to nearly PANIC yelling (nearly crying really) "No dada, stop! You're scareing my ears!!!" So there you have it... THAT is why Michael is not in the band. =)

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