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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chicken poo, tears, rain, plumbing problem and baby poo

Welcome to the last 90 minutes of my life... It was too comical not to share! =)
It was a sunny late morning, birds were chirping, ducks quacking in the back pond, Elle was anxious to get outside and push her babies on the swings. I bundled Christian up (even though the sun is shinning, I doubt it is over 50 degrees) and grabbed a large quilt to lay him on. We went down to the swings (about 400' down the driveway) I laid the blanket out with some toys for Christian, closed the gate at the end of the drive to keep kids and dog in and strangers out, let the big chickens out, gave Elle some scratch to feed them, went and found the wheel barrow and shovel, got the chicks clean water and more food and then set to work shoveling out the chicken house. I was up to make ankles in chicken poo hearing Christain cry and fuss...normally he really enjoys being outside, so I had high hopes about being able to complete the task without him being an issue. My hands are no where near being suitable to hold him, even hand him a new toy. Elle is off "dandilion hunting" and so there he lay. After the first two wheel barrow fulls I head up to the house to wash my hands (and arms really) and get his swing, thinking maybe he'll be happier sitting up. I haul the swing down, place him in it and head back to the chicken house (I was trying to clean out the side of the chicken house that we are going to move the layer chicks into before the meat chickens arrive.) He contiues to cry and scream, I am determined to at least finish scooping everything out, I will have to deal with hanging the wire in the rafters later. Just as I am coming out of the chicken house with the last load on my way to the compost pile, it starts to rain! Out of NO WHERE! It had literally been SO sunny two minutes ago. So Elle comes over, I grab Christian in the swing and just carry him up in that. I have to hurry back down tot get the quilt and toys as it is now starting to pour buckets. I get back to the house, wonder if Christian is fussy from a wet diaper. No, nothing... I set him in his crib with no diaper on and his buttons on his onsie open...this ALWAYS makes him happy! he LOVES being naked and chomping on his toes-which are much easier to get to without the bulk of his diaper. (I often let him have "freedom time" in his crib when I am due to wash the sheets. So if he pees, no problem!) He seems happy, Elle comes up and starts jumping on the bed near his crib, which he also enjoys to watch her do. I head downstairs to take advantage of the quick moment of both kids being happy and occupied and wash some dishes. I fill one side of the sink, as there are many larger pots and fry pans that need to be hand washed from dinner last night. I start to wash them and am ready to rinse and let out the drain plug... I feel water on my toes.... yikes! water is everwhere, I look under the sink (we just have a curtain there) and water is pouring out of the drain pipe. I try and tighten it and it does nothing, it is completely separated from the pipe beneath it. I try and plug the sink but there is too much gunk in there to be able to seal it off with the plug... I grab towels, turn off the breaker to the toe kick heater that the water is pouring onto and clean it up. Now, we don't have "real" cupboards, we just used scrap book to make our shelves, so this water that is running everywhere underneath everything and all out onto the floor. Anyway, I get it cleaned up and then head up stairs to check on the kids. Elle has the door closed to the room and I can hear her as I am walking up the stairs saying "Christian pooped! {gag noise, gas noise} Mom, Christian pooped" I open the door to the most rancid smell. There he is laying there on his tummy in the crib COVERED in bright orange poop! (this must have been what he was so fussy about!) It is EVERYWHERE! The sheets are soaked, the wall is splattered, the floor and crib skirt even managed to get some on it. He had toys that Elle gave him in the crib that are covered, I had a carrier hanging off the crib that got splatted... Elle is doing her best not to throw up, yet insists on continueing to point out each and every spot that is blemished.  I run to the bathroom to start a bath, and the clean up begins... I took pictures, but decided to spare you...take my word, it was nasty!=)
There you have it... welcome to my world.  He is now sound asleep on clean sheets, looks so peaceful, the sun is back out and Elle is "gardening" in the driveway. (the plumbing is yet to be fixed) Awwww.... I love being a mom.


  1. Love your title! The tears would have been mine! I am so impressed that you can laugh about it and can label it under "Fun times" : ) Moms have to handle some really disgusting stuff... I am so much more comfortable dealing with vomit and poo than I ever thought possible! The orange poo scene you described is hilarious! I am so glad it ended with a sleeping baby and happy child and I hope you got a well deserved break! Heidi

  2. oh my cutie!!! that is a day for sure! It always seems like it all happens right in a row like that! I so remember days like that! :) It sure was intertaining reading it though! I thought for a minute I was reading a really good book! ;) maybe you need to write a book! Remember in college when we used to watch Little House on the Prerie! Its like your living in that time,! I love it! I want to live with you!! :) I would help clean out the poo!

  3. This is awesome ! ( it's mayra by the way) great blog you now have a new follower