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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unlce Johnny

Michael's uncle Jonny passed away and we just got back from his funeral. He had three children all in their early twenties. The youngest, the only daughter, spoke at the funeral. She shared something I thought was so incredible. She spoke about what a wonderful dad he was, how much he loved his children, how proud he was of each of them. She commended how energetic he was and how she would call to talk with him weekly (she is in college away from home) and ask him to play her songs on the guitar over the phone and he always would. What an incredible relationship they had. The thing that really stuck out to me was that she shared that she can not recall a SINGLE negative statement he had said to her as far back as she can remember. This was not just something to fill in her speech.... she really meant it. She had been talking to my father in law (Johnny's brother) about it just prior and he TOO could not recall EVER hearing Johnny saying any "put downs" or negative statements in the 60 plus years he had been his brother!!! They stood there, really thinking hard on it, thinking there must be something... but neither could come up with anything, not even something close! What an incredible memory and knowledge to have of this man! My memories of him are from Thanksgiving get togethers where he was always smiling, laughing and genuinely listening to anything I or anyone else had to share. He was an incredible musician and never failed to bring his guitar and play everyone some tunes. He was bubbly, easy to love and a truly kind man. He is missed.

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