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Sunday, August 1, 2010


I just want to brag on my daughter for a minute... She is three and a half tomorrow.... She sweeps the floor, uses a small broom and dust pan to dump the dirt pile in the garbage, she peals hardboiled eggs, cuts up softer things for salads, caseroles, etc... she scrubs counters and tables, she mops the floor, gathers eggs, helps stack firewood, can make scrambled eggs nearly by herself (I turn the oven on since even on her stool, she can't reach the knob), she pours herself juice, milk or water when she's thirsty, makes her bed, cleans her room, puts her clothes away, scrubs her stained clothes with a Fel's Naptha bar (just taught her this one), washes dishes, dries them and puts them away, she pulls weeds, makes and butters her own toast and cleans up her toys always in time for the "vaccum monster".
All of this is to brag on my little one, but also to prove how capeable little ones are. Our dishes are not always spotless, the floor has many "missed" spots, our scrambled eggs sometimes have a shell peice in them, and sometimes a glass of juice ends up a table top of juice, but Elle enjoys doing all those things and will continue to be my "little helper" without a fight as long as it is fun for her and she knows she is needed. I love my little girl and am so happy to have her work beside me.
Christain can walk now... he'll be bringing in the firewood this winter...

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