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Saturday, August 7, 2010

An Incredible Read

Child of Steens Mountain, by Eileen O'Keefe McVicker (found on Amazon for $13.22 here or search in the Amazon search box on this blog). What an INCREDIBLE book! A series of stories of a girl growing up in Eastern Oregon. A great book for anyone who loves "Little House on the Prairie" type days, or stories of hard working people and the matter of fact type up bringing. Remarkable stories, very well told.
It really strengthens my desires to chose to live a simpler, therefore often 'harder' way of life. I want my kids to have THESE kinds of memories. I want the "drama" in their life to be natural drama (like the chickens getting killed by a raccoon...) not the fabricated kind (like who Miley Cirus is dating...), when you have more of the natural, the other matters less and less until it is just ridiculous! I didn't mean this to be a "soap box" post, but I am just continually amazed at the things children are and aren't being exposed to these days and it makes it all the more clear how DELIBERATE I want to be with my parenting.

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  1. just had to email this posting to my parents. Since my dad grew up in E OR I imagine he might have some of these memories and would enjoy the book-as would I. Can I borrow it?