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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Everyone LOVES the shirts!

Two days into the fair... an interesting experiance to be sure. I don't think I have sat as much as I have in the last two days in the last two years combined! It has been beautiful weather and the kids all seem to be having a good time. Everyone who comes by really likes and smiles at the shirts. The people who buy them are really in love with them and buy more than one as they are "perfect" for many people in their life. It is definately a niche group of people... I fear that my booth location (maybe due to my late entry) is not really ideal to reach the right people for my product, but many seem pleasently suprised to stumble accross my booth. I have had many take my information "to give to a friend in Missouri" or "my dad will LOVE these- he's in Alabama"... so that is of course exciting and encourageing. Those are good things to hear when I miss my kids so much and am putting in long days without them. I am hoping the foot traffic picks up tomorrow and through the weekend.

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