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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Coconut Grove...treasure found....

I found it! Nearly 5 miles from the condo... the most incredible area! A grand park that is HUGE- lots of different play toy areas, exercise area (a little cheesey- but Elle loved it), bridge over the water with an incredible view of boats and wind surfers, open grass, sand volleyball pits, jogging path.... awwww..... a mile past the park is an area called Coconut Grove... a bit to the opposite extreme fromo "my" neighborhood... pretty ritzy.... nice stores, a market (can't wait to check that out), sidewalks without trash, broken furniture and dog poop on them, a beautiful marina, no bars on the windows, The Cheesecake Factory (!!!! YUM!) and other stores that I recognize. The greatest part of it all is that NO highway is required to get there! I make 2 turns and that's it.... I may just have a change of heart about the city after all...


  1. sounds awesome!!!! glad you found that!! life will be gand ;)

  2. So glad you found a happy place in the city! It sounds perfect for kids.

  3. i just read what I wrote! im sure you know I ment GRAND!!! ;)