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Friday, October 22, 2010

Did I mention that everything here is WHITE?

White tile floors, white dishes, white towels, white sheets, white bath rugs, white (well, really sort of cream) cushioned dinning room chairs, and white walls... oh dear.... I do not belong here... I suddenly notice how dinggy all of my things are (mom- you were right...). I had no idea how much soot would be on our patio! Within hours of being here we have successfully made trails of BLACK throughout the condo with our dirty bare feet! One bath rug is totally at a loss and Elle managed to get her little black feet on a wall. Blueberries for dinner were a trial for not staining the chair cushions, and I just immediately boxed up all the white towels and sheets and comforters and put them in the closet. This place will be lucky to survive me and my children... I am going to buy some slip covers for the furniture and the dinning room table chairs... how do people live like this? I am just glad there's no carpet... Talk about CULTURE shock!

1 comment:

  1. oh wow! what a trip!!! glad you made it safe and sound no matter what you looked like! :) hahah! that is for sure different then what you are used too!! and at least the couch isnt white!!! could you imagine! not really sure why people choose white! well keep trying new things and Im sure you will start to enjoy yourself! at least you are together! :) cant wait to hear the rest! :)