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Friday, October 22, 2010

We survived!

My courage was still wanting this morning for the grocery trip... I ended up walking with the kids in the stroller... I would rather be mugged than get lost on the highway!... I found the grocery store (about a mile-mile and a half away) and only bought what I could fit in the stroller and then rushed to get home before any of the perishables went bad. Finding that store on foot (way easier to go back the way you came on foot that by vehicle) gave me the confidence to pull up my boot straps and find the bank AND Wal*Mart (which I rarely shop at back home). I was so proud of myself, with Mapquest's help- I found both! And then failed miserably to find my way back home... I should have mapquested my return trip as well because retracing my steps does not work when they don't have the same street exits going one way as they do the other. These erronds would have taken me MAYBE 50 minutes to complete back home.... today... 2 hours 38 minutes... same approximate mileage... not to mention how difficult it is to haul purchases in with two kids- one who needs to be carried and an assigned parking spot that is as far away as possible (75 yards?) from the 4 (yes FOUR) doors that we have to go through to get to our condo. Just to bring in the $38 worth of groceries took me 3 trips...Again... seriously... how/why do people live like this as a choice?!

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