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Monday, October 25, 2010

Here's a capture I got of Elle the first full day we were here. I was putting things away and she was playing in our room building a "boat". I noticed it got quiet and went to investigate and found this. She slept like this for over an hour. Cozy kid.

We have been practicing Spanish since we've been here. I will probably butcher the spelling (much like I do with the English language as well) but I thought I'd share what we're learning and if anyone wants to teach us a few essentials- that'd be great. It is so fun learning with a 3 year old- languages come so easy for them. Rapido=fast. Coma-es-ta?= how are you?. Muy bien=very good. Gracias=Thank you. Daynota=you're welcome. Ola=hello. Senta=jump. and of course the numbers 1-10. Minuteo=minute. Porfevoir=Please. I think that's it. She has got them all down except for Coma-es-ta? she usually says something like "Coma-mushy-tineo"....so funny.
I have to just throw this in because I'm not sure where else to put it and it was such a shock. We went to the grocery store and started in the produce section and I was excited to get yummy Florida oranges... I saw the oranges and started putting them in the bag.... until I saw... "grown in Africa"...AFRICA!? I put them back and looked thoroughly for the other section of oranges... there were none... they had NO Florida oranges, only ones from Africa! That would be like a grocery store in Washington not carrying any WA grown apples! I was shocked.

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