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Saturday, October 30, 2010


There are A LOT of bail bond locations here. HUGE signs that say "drug dealers destroy communities" and "Meth Kills"... Olympia has huge signs that say "Plant a tree" or "Buy Local".
Olympia...bring your own bag to the supermarket is a staple for many families...here...it is almost a contest to see how many bags they can give you at the store...one can of tomato soup for one bag...one bag for the chicken noodle...oh and this huge case of 24 soda's with a sturdy carboard handle- let's throw that in a bag.
Olympia... "poop scoop stations" EVERYWHERE... bags for your dogs provided at every park, at many points. Many along sidewalks, etc... here.... I think someone would look at you the same way as Olympians do when you DON'T clean up after your pet- if you DID....disgusted...
Olympia- recycle stations everywhere- electric car hook ups in parking lots... Our condo- (nor anywhere else that I have seen) No recycle option and a $50 fine for putting cardboard down the garbage shoot.
Washington beaches...windy and cold even on the nicest of days. Beaches here... let's just say I had rollarbladed nearly 4 miles and the kids in the stroller  when they wanted to play in the sand and I was happy to stop and dip my feet in to cool off.... not even REMOTELY refreshing... in fact I think the water was hotter than the inside of my rollarblades! White sandy beach, paddle boarders and wind surfers everywhere.
Olympia...travel 4 miles...takes maybe 7-10 minutes... Miami....15-25 minutes
Olympia...umbrella's are used for rain...Miami...umbrella's are used for shade from the sun. I am yet to see if it is mostly "foreigners" (people who did not grow up here) that use the umbrella's here... I know in Olympia- not many who have lived there their whole life ever use umbrella's... I myself have NEVER owned one except when I was a child and used it more like a boat in the puddle or to fly like Mary Poppins rather than to cover my head.
Cold packs...the kind you can freeze and then use in your cooler and then re-use. Next to impossible to find here....here-where a cold day is 75 degrees... I went to 6, yes six, stores (Grocery stores, home depot, walgreens, etc...) to try and find some for Michael's lunch cooler for work...NONE had them, 2 had never even heard of them. I finally went to Wal Mart thinking that they would at least have them... they did! They were about the size of...well, even smaller than my fist! I had to buy them out of the 15 they had just to be able to keep one cooler cool! Is it just me or shouldn't those be a staple here?

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