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Friday, December 3, 2010

Elle Prayer Story

We were at a new park yesturday. The kids were playing on the toys. There was a little girl there (probably not even 5 years old... no bigger than Elle) that was a complete terror. Within 30 seconds of us being there she ran up and hit Elle. Her mom looked at Elle and said " If she hits you, you just hit her back." (!!! WHAT?!!!) Then the little girl proceeded to run up to Christian and pull around his neck chocking him while trying to kiss him. Then she went over to Elle and pinched her check. The mom had the kids leave shortly thereafter, but not without the girl throwing a complete fit screaming and kicking as the mom carried her away.
We were in the van, leaving the park and Elle was talking about what "bad choices" the girl was making and "not listening to her mom". The poor girl was just never taught different. I told Elle it was too bad she was allowed to act like that and we should pray for her. So we did. After Elle asked "Does God hear when we pray?" I said "yes, always." She said, "Oh, because He's in your heart?" "Yes." "Oh, and He's in the Uncle's heart, and nana's and papa's and Darsey's?" (Darsey is my parents dog.) I said, "Yes, He's in the uncles, nana's and papa's hearts, but I don't know if God's in animal's hearts."  Elle: "Oh, we'll just have to look it up online." =) HA!

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  1. hahahh!!! way too cute!! ;) how are you doing! email me! ;)