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Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Adventure

The kids and I are off on a new adventure! Tomorrow we leave the warm sunny skies of Miami, Fl to drive to Hortonville, Wisconson. There is a family there we have become friends with through their efforts to help beginning homesteaders. http://www.homesteadcommunitypost.com/ is their website. They are such a sweet family and are really going through some hard times and so we are going to go lend a hand however we can. It will be such a fun adventure for the kids and such a nice and welcomed change from this city. We will certainly miss Michael, but he is happy for us to go and help this family.
 I am so excited to see snow! We have missed this epic cold winter the country has been experiancing and we will surely get our "dose" in Wisconson! I am sure I will learn a few new fun little tidbits to share with you all as they are friends with many Amish families (they are not Amish) and do things a little more old fashioned. Their homesteading video's are so wonderful- very real- good step by step instructions, recipies, and it shows how they do it as a family. Everything from making maple syrup to butchering chickens, growing vegetables gardens, milking cows, etc...
It should be a beautiful drive. It's about 26 hours so the kids and I will take 2 full days to do it. Finally those snow tires that we have had on our van in Miami this whole time will come in handy! =)

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