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Friday, February 4, 2011

Elle's idea of ART

This is a "train" Elle made. Yes, those coins are glued down, and everything else is glued or taped together.... I'm not quite sure this is going to fit on the fridge...  =)

That is a "bowl" with a bell in it that Elle made on her pottery wheel, that is now secured with tape (Elle's favorite "tool" of choice) it is the "caboose".

This is something she made with her birthday tape. (Elle's birthday was a couple days ago and I got her 16 rolls of scotch tape!) She is telling me about it.... "the ruler is the holder upper thing" and then lid to the bottle of glue is to "poke any raccoons that come in from the woods"....

"and this is where the penguin's cage is."

There is nothing simple to Elle's art... although... I don't think I will be framing any of it anytime soon. =)

1 comment:

  1. She totally reminds me of Chelsea when she was that age, always inventing and creating things. She made a self-feeding cat food feeder out of a Nestle's Quik container and duct tape and when we'd go grocery shopping she'd pick up all these odd little scraps of things on the store's floor and then come home and create some more. LOVE it! :D