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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Think outside the box

We didn't have tape or glue... but Elle REALLY wanted to "build a box"

I have heard/read some GREAT ideas this week that I thought I would share and I think I am going to try and do a "think outside the box" post every month or so to share what comes up along my path that I think is just fabulous. =) Here are some of the latest things, PLEASE, PLEASE feel free to add/share more- I think this could be a fun source for sharing creative ideas for kids, home, life, etc... If you want credit for your ideas please tell me and please don't flatter me thinking these are all MY ideas- they are not!

1. My sister in law has a friend that loved the little leather shoes with elastic for her kids, but they grow out of them so fast and are $20-30 a pair, so she went to the goodwill and bought a cheap-highly outdated I am sure- leather jacket and some elastic and made her own! She has plenty of leather to make multiple pairs.
2. My friend Zoe wanted to change her childs carseat from pink to a more suitable design for the new little boy she is expecting so she took the cover off, undid the seams and used it as a pattern to cut out "boy" fabric and sewed it right over the pink- leaving all the cushioning in tact and woo-la! A "new" carseat. She even re-did the shade cover.
3. This one was from this past summer, we were playing volleyball at some friends house and Emily was watching my little boy and he was in a phase of loving keys.) Emily's yard is BEAUTIFUL- she is a Master Gardener (program through WSU) and it shows. The grass is lush, flowers abundant, so many great places to for keys to "hide". Emily didn't skip a beat, she went to her van where she had a ballon and took the yellow string off and tied it to the key ring. I STILL have that string (although it is barely hanging on by a thread and not so "yellow" anymore) on my keys. It makes them so easy to find in my purse/diaperbag/lunchbox/file cabinet, I can easily hand them over to Christian to play with and can always find them when he is done.


  1. oooh, I want to try the faux Robeez idea... what a great idea!

  2. tupperware is good for more than just food, it makes a great castle that is fun for little ones to knock over, it is also good for nesting/stacking, drum set, sorting bowls, costumes (bowl on the head…Kylie at 1 LOVES to do this) and when its in the tub it fun to pour water into (and out of). Thats all we've figured out so far….