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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter

Oregon Trail Sourdough Bread

I sent a self addressed stamped envelope to:
Oregon Trail Sourdough
P. O. Box 321
Jefferson, MD 21755 USA

and they sent me starter that originated along the Oregon Trail. Click HERE to access website with more information. It is a really special history they are preserving. And the bread is delicious. =)


  1. Yummy! Emily just shared some sourdough starter with me when I was in Wa at Christmas, and I have been having fun learning how to use it. It is such a different kind of process than regular yeast breads. I will look at that website. Are you able to save starter and keep using it, or is it a one-time thing? I guess I should just read about it. :)

  2. Zoe- the most information on the site is under the downloadable brochure section. YES, you can re-use starter, you add flour water and sugar to what you have left...the directions are on the site, but let me know if you need help. It is really fun and feels more "old-fashioned". I LOVE the smell of starter.