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Friday, February 4, 2011

My Kids Cleaning

My kids love to help clean. Elle's recent favorite is scrubbing the tables and counters. We use the peppermint Dr Bronners pure castile soap and it makes a really good lather and smells really good which I think entertains her.

She is suprisingly thorough... the table is cleaner than when it was brand new.

Christian is finally happy to use the vaccum when it is ON! He has loved pushing it around for a couple weeks now, but having it on scared him. But now he is no longer scared and likes that he knows how to turn it on and off. He pretty much just went forward and back about 30 times... so that one strip of carpet was SUPER clean. =)

They really love to help me clean. I have always tried to make it fun. (For them and for me, even if they are not helping-I want to make it clear that I do not dread it.) They never have HAD to do it. I have never used it as punishment. They don't get "sick" of doing it, because honestly, we don't do it much. The place gets pretty messy and dirty throughout the day- we aren't really "clean as you go" type people. By the end of the day it is quite disaray. But just before Michael gets home from work, we turn up some music and dance and clean. The kids LOVE it. They run around putting things where they go, scrub, sweep, vaccum and place dirty clothes and towels into the washing machine. They probably really do only 10% of the work, but they are cleaning the whole time I am cleaning and they are happy doing it. I make sure that whatever they do is always good enough. If it is clear that Elle is not doing something thoroughly or putting things away "wrong" than I address it another time when we are not being the "pick up crew". I will just have her watch me do it the way I would like to see it done and we talk about what it looks like. They don't always get it perfect (if ever) but that's not the point....They are learning that they are a valuable help to the family.... THAT is the point. These methods may not work when they are older, but they work now and I can honestly say that it is fun to clean our home.

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  1. hhummmmm.... so i shouldnt say things like i can not believe how messy the house is and why is everyone so "sloppy" in this house! and why cant it just stay clean!!! :) i will try your advise! my kids are really good at cleaning but i have probably made them hate it already! making it fun sounds way better! ;) I will let you know how the new attitude twards it works out !! ;) your kids are too cute! glad you posted again! did you get me email!!? ;)