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Monday, September 27, 2010

Making Applesauce

We made applesauce this morning. Got the last apples from one of the trees and a few from another and quartered them and threw them in the pot. I recently learned about apple seeds... they have a lot of anti-oxidant, but too many can be toxic to the body... so some apples I didn't core and some I did. I leave the skins on mainly because I am too lazy to peel each one, but also they have a lot of nutritional value as well. For this large pot I put water in to about 2-3 inches, put a lid on and let it steal to a boil and the apples were soft and the peels falling off.

Like this.
 and then with

that I borrowed from my mom... I did this:


A small interuption... my little man got his diaper off of course while I am pouring steaming hot apple chunks into the grinder! =) Kids just love the dishwasher... funny isn't it?

Anyway..Look at all that warm-insert DELICIOUS smell- yummy applesauce! I put some in containers to freeze, we all had a bowl with some cinnamon on it and the rest I will just keep in the fridge as I plan to use most of it this week. It is a great sugar subsitute in baking breads or cookies, I also use it making pancakes. The smell alone is worth the effort (which really isn't much).

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