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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Money really DOES grow on trees!

And here in Washington- that means APPLES! We picked this basket full this morning...Elle got stung by a bee when she was up on the ladder picking them- I chewed up some Plantain and spit it on the sting- the stinger was still in and we couldn't get it out with our fingers, but the Plantain took care of it... Elle can now identify Plantain- she knows it is worth knowing because this is her second bee sting and she has experianced how quickly it takes away the pain, keeps the swelling down and pulls out the poison....anyway...just a little "for your information"! =) Learn about Plantain! Maybe I'll post some photo's of it on here...

Anyway, we washed the apples, set aside the PERFECT ones to just eat whole and quartered the ones we were going to make juice out of.

Put them in the juicer and Elle turned it on and pressed them down.

Wala! About 10 minutes of work for about 3/4 gallon juice...the res is froth that we'll scrape off and add to a beef stew or crockpot meal. SO GOOD! We plan to make applesauce tomorrow. The chickens went crazy over the disgard apple mush...It feels good not to waste anything... We didn't get many apples this year, but I intend to use every one of them one way or another.

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