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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cleaning out the greenhouse

My mom came over yesturday and helped me clean out the green house! What a HUGE joy that was! It has been about 2 weeks of sick, grumpy, clingy kids and sleepless (and I MEAN sleepless) nights. It felt so good to do something and that green house has been calling my name since we bought this place 3 years ago. There was stuff in there the previous owners left that I didn't even know we had! My mom was great, such a thorough organizer and cleaner. We sprayed it out, scrubbed it down with bleach water, organized all the planters, tools and plant food. It went from a moldy, mouse infested mess to a total God-send. I can not wait to get my seedlings started! I am going to order seeds tomorrow.

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