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Friday, January 22, 2010


I used to be a Creative Memories Consultant so I have EVERYTHING one could imagine they need to scrapbook... and yet just NOW I am trying to get my soon to be three year old's pictures into albums! The best advise I can give, is just GET OVER IT AND DO IT!!! I was draggin my feet because the task of going through all the pictures, getting them in chronilogical order and all was just too much. So I got over needing it all in order. She is so young that she changes so much season to season that it is pretty obvious how old she is in the pictures and I just grouped events together. I can up on "super fancy" pages long ago and just go for speed and layout. I went through about 1000 (yes, one-thousand!) photo's and have entered about 125 into the album so far in about three days. It looks like a Creative Memory tornado blew through our dining room, but I am determined to get the remainder of the pictures in before Elle's birthday (13 days away). So maybe now that I have blogged about it, I will HAVE to do it! =) Megan (My sister in law-brother's wife) and my neice, Elena came over today to do some work on hers as well. Elena is starting to pull herself up now and loves to be standing. What a fun girl!

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