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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Toe info!

Helpful little tid-bits for people who get in-grown toenails...or get their feet squished and get that blood pressure build up under the toenail... this came up at soccer the other night, so I thought I'd post the "cures" here for anyone else who might find them helpful!
Ingrown toe: take a blob of lotion and put it on the toe, wrap the toe with plastic wrap and put a sock on. If you can, sleep with it on over night, or just leave it on for a couple hours. Your toe will turn pruney (is that a word!?) and the skin will be soft and easy to pull back to allow the toenail to come up without going into the skin...may need to be repeated a few times to continue to make room for the nail... it depends on how quickly you catch it.
Purple toenail: This is super common for contact sport athletes, hikers, bikers, farmers that work closely with large animals how have an eye for feet stomping! All you need is a needle and a candle. Light the candel. Hold the sharp end of the needle over the flame until it is super hot then poke the needle into the center of the toe nail. This will start to actually melt through your toenail. If you are having to push too hard, your needle isn't hot enough. Keep re-heating it in the flame and keep putting it in the toenail until you have gone through the nail and the blood is being released through the hole. BE CAREFUL... again, you shouldn't have to push hard, BELEIVE ME it is super painful to have it break through the last layer of nail and then into that sensative part UNDER your nail! If you do it correctly this shouldn't happen. Also, expect your nail to eventually fall off if you do this method. (which it may do regardless if you got stomped real hard)

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