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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Funny Elle story...
We still haven't gotten an additional mail box for our new house and just use the old mailing address for the house we rent (that's right next door), so we have to go down to that house and pick up mail a couple times a week... I asked Michael to go and get it yesturday evening. He said "sure"! Elle and I were playing together... Michael just kept doing other things and I kept asking him when/if he was going to go get the mail... (Okay, nagging...but with just enough smile and laughter to justify it as "jokingly harping"!) He kept telling me he was going, but continued to sort of walk around doing something....well, really nothing. About 15 minutes past and I smiled and said "are you going?!" He was right near the door and playfully shook his finger at me to say "I'm going, I'm going, don't ask again..." and left. I looked at Elle and laughed and said "dada's a funny guy!" She curled her forehead and got real serious, then looking straight at me said, "Dada's not a "guy", dada's a MAAAAANNNNN and he put YOU in time OUT!" =0) What a cutie!

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