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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ask and you shall receive...

I called Comcast this morning. I actually got someone super helpful and nice. I didn't have to put my "bulldog" voice on or anything. I just simply asked how we could lower out monthly payment on our phone and internet. I questioned each charge on our bill and without too much prodding (sp?) he offered us a "loyal customer" discount which is essentially $5 off each service for 6 months. We have internet and phone service for both our house and the rental, so it was a savings of $20/month! It was that simple. I just thought I would share so you could try too if you wanted. I also have come to realize how many people don't know that they can just ask for fees etc to be removed and companies WILL. We had a tenant give us a bad check (on accident, they are actually great tenants and usually pay on time) and thinking that money was in there...we got overdrawn too... I checked our account online that night and it was good, the next morning that check had been rejected and 3 other small checks had gone through- each one over drawing our account and a $30 charge... I called and explained and they removed all the fees... $90! We still paid for the NSF check that was deposited but that was taken care of by the tenant.
I hope this helps someone save a little money! It seems to be tight for everyone these days! Just know that companies now more than ever want your business and want you to be a happy customer. I love my Comcast service and my Key Bank service...

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