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Friday, September 10, 2010

A Sad Day

It happened at about 10:30 this morning. (my son's birthday!) A dog came in our yard (the same one that has been knocking over and going through the trash at the rental house- it wears a huge red reflector around it's neck so it is obviously the same dog) and killed almost all our chickens today. The rabbit escaped and is alright (we have a free roaming rabbit). But sadley the chickens did not. Out of 27 chickens, I have found 9 bodies and 5 others have now shown up alive. (They were no where to be seen after the incident). So there are still 13 bodies unaccounted for. I haven't walked the fields to look for more...it was getting a little too much for Elle. The others were in the main yard.
 The kids and I went searching for where the dog lives to notify them that their dog will be shot if it comes in our yard again and to ask for payment for the chickens. After 45 minutes of walking up and down roads, knocking on doors and asking people about this dog with a distinct red reflector on his colar, I found the house where he lives. There he was, happily in his yard-with no fence what-so-ever. I could have been more understanding if he had just gotten out, I mean hey, that happens...but come on! No effort AT ALL!? The owner was not home...  Ugg, I will have to return later... what an unpleasent first meeting that will be....I hope they are honest people who take responsibility for their pet.


  1. Oh, no! I'm so sorry. That's very sad. :*-( I hope and pray that your meeting with the owners goes well.