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Monday, September 6, 2010

Woodshed project..winter's coming fast!

Elle figureing measurements...Writing them down...

Elle: "16 18 and 27 pounds." !!! "pounds"??? Oh dear... so close...
This used to be a mound of dirt with some flowers in it until last night. I dug it out while Michael went to Home Depot and got bricks. We laid the brick last night and then worked on building this all day..."LABOR DAY" is right! =) It is now finished, but it was dark out when it was completed... so finished product will be up tomorrow. We are so excited to have a place to keep our fire wood dry and by the house this winter! We had to go to the barn every other day last winter to haul it up...
Christian telling dada about the nails he just spilled.
The brick was the only thing we had to buy! We ended up having all the lumber we needed and left over shakes from our porch upstairs. We even pulled the old galvanized roofing off of a lean-to that was left in the field by the previous owners. We had just the right number of screws, finish nails, etc... it was amazing! I love the finished product! 

 She sure LOOKS like she knows what she's doing! =) Gotta love what she chose to wear for "construction day"!

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