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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finished Woodshed!

Here it is! Now we just need to fill it with wood...I even made a fire in the woodstove...brrrr... fall is taking no time at all to get started.Don't you love my flower basket!? Bark and Garden Center in Olympia... $10!!!
Brick work took about 30 minutes, It was fun, I had never done it before. Metal rood was salvaged from a feeding structure that was in the field...still in pretty good shape... a little rust, but I like it... makes it not look so new... (I was always the kid-and adult- who hated new white shoes... quick- Get them dirty!)
Now we just need to seal the cedar, prime/paint the posts, hang a rustic old latern from it and fill it up!

1 comment:

  1. looks great!! how long will the baskets last that you got? as far in as it being fall soon and all. 10$ is soooo cheap, but just want to know how long they'll last before i make a trip to get them. thanks for the tip! when can we get together next??