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Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 4

ALL windows washed in and out (thanks mom!), another truck load packed and moved to my parents (who will be storeing everything), the bridge railing over the creek built (thanks dad!), remainder of trim chaulked, 4 more loads of laundry done, 2 more pick ups for free items, pantry cleared out, another truck load of outside stuff stored, ran 2 miles, met with future tenants and signed paperwork and got deposit, signed over title for truck sale, hung hanging basket hook that fell off front post, chaulked sinks so they wouldn't move anymore, grandpa came and picked up the rocking chair he bought (thanks grandpa!), and sealed the wood shed with linseed oil (thanks mom and Elle!). It was a BEAUTIFUL day out, we managed to fit in a couple games of tag, playing in the puddles the tarp over the garden saved, and Elle mastered some artwork this evening. I am hopeing to get the trim painted mostly tomorrow and then the major daunting tasks will be done and just little ones left. I talked to Michael this morning, he has arrived in Miami and says that the condo is nice and that's it's real hot there... the kids miss him, it'll be nice to all be together soon.

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