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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seeing the world more clear

UNBELIEVEABLE the differnce clean windows in a house makes!!! We have not cleaned our windows in and out since we moved in (a year ago) and WOW what a difference! It really does let in so much more light, makes the view all the more incredible and just makes the house look cleaner (which in the disarray that my home is in right now, says A LOT). I also finally got glasses today. My vision is just bad enough to not quite notice and allow a decade to go by without taking care of it. The real "kicker" for me was Elle's 3 year check up where they tested her eyes. I stood at the line, helping make sure she stood at it, as she covered one eye and read the shapes off the chart... I stood there, leaned in as far as I could, squinting BOTH eyes, questioning, "did she get it!?" =) Between that and never being able to read road signs until they are being passed... I knew it was time. They came in today...I was happy to see that I did sort of like them... when I went in for the appt. the dc put the drops in my eyes to diolate them and then said to go out and pick what frames I wanted right then before my eyes got blurry. I was finding NOTHING that I liked...until about 8-10 minutes in...the same time my eyes started getting blurry...so I wasn't sure if it was the fact that I couldn't see myself in the mirror, or if the frames were really the right size and shape for my long chubby face... I don't hate them, so that's good... and it'll be nice to be able to read road signs....you know...for 3400 miles...

Let me tell ya... I had NO idea how beautiful it is outside! I can see leaves on trees, needles on pine trees and fur trees, even the marina that I drive by EVERY day to get to and from home is incredible... each mast on the sailboats SEPARATE from the other.. amazing... I only have the glasses for driving...but wow, I am so glad I got them before driving accross country... now I will be able to see all the beauty...

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