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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 5

First coat of paint done on all trim and windows (all but two windows). Trip to Home Depot to buy something I never thought I'd buy (or have)... DVD players for the kids in the van. Returns made at Target, two trips to Home Depot, items back to the library, phone call to get AAA account set up, picked up the last print order of T-shirts to deliver tomorrow to Bayview Thriftway in Olympia, John and Ali (friends of ours) came and helped paint and watch the kids- so fun to see them...mowed the grass for the last time- super short, hauled more boxes downstairs,  and deposit  made at the bank I  just recieved an email that one of our basement tenants at the other house is moving out...so now I need to figure all that out here before I leave...yey... so close...

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