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Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 8

Really getting down to decision time for the packing... so many factors... Do I really want to store this that long? Will this toy be age appropriate by the time we are back? Will these clothes fit them? What should I leave for when we come and visit? What should I take? Agh! The few remaining boxes I packed today took more thought and time than any. Both kids rooms are clear-bare floors (other than Christian's pack and play in his). Truck load to the dump done, contracts signed and done, trip to grocery store for goodies for the road, trip to bank to pay for gas, carrier is fixed to the top of the van and loaded with towels, bedding and Christian potty seat ( I had JUST bought it for him). Linda (Michael's aunt) came with Lacey (her granddaughter) to get Oliver today. I will have to post pictures later, I packed the cord that enables me to upload them... but real cute- all the kids got in the back with him. It was sad. Elle cried a little after they left, but she's tough. Susan (Michael's moom) brought us the most incredible dinner, I got to hang out with my mom most of the afternoon running the above erronds, while Melody (friend) watched the kids. (thank you! Elle had a BALL!) The van is packed, with the exception of the few boxes I have left to "top off" and Elle is "camping out" in my room tonight as her bed is disassembled. She is laying here snoring beside me... I love that little munchkin!

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